Leather ten brands list

leather goods in the current market has been more and more people’s favorite, the popularity of the market is very high, it is because of such a kind of consumption, so that the relevant brands on the market very much. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce leather ten major brands list, so as to give people a good reference for consumer choice.

leather ten brands list NO.1, Louis · LV (1854; Vuitton France, the world’s top 500 brands, the field of luggage and leather goods for the world’s first brand, Louis Weedon (Chinese) Company Limited)

leather ten brands list NO.2, Chanel CHANEL (in France in 1913, the world’s top brands, the world’s leading luxury brands, the world’s top ten leather brand, the French Chanel (CHANEL) Company)


ten leather brand rankings, GUCCI NO.3 ou · GUCCI Gucci (Italy on 1923, one of Italy’s largest fashion group, the world’s ten largest leather goods brand, the world famous brand, Italy Gucci company)

leather ten brands list NO.4, Dior Dior (started in France in 1946, on behalf of the noble and elegant life style of the essence of the brand, the world famous brand, LVMH perfumes cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

leather top ten brands list NO.5, Valentino Valentino (1960 Italy, a symbol of luxury lifestyle lifestyle fashion leader, a large multinational company, Italy, Valentino)

ten leather brand rankings, NO.6 Prada Prada (Italy on 1913 in Milan, ten of the world leather brand, one of the most famous luxury brands in Italy Prada Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

leather ten brands list NO.7, Armani Giorgio Armani (founded in 1975 in Italy, the world famous brand, the world leather ten brands, Italy George · Armani (Giorgio Armani),


ten leather brand rankings, Dunhill NO.8 Dunhill (founded in 1893 in the UK, the world famous luxury brand, specializing in the design and manufacture of leather goods brand, Dunhill (Dunhill),


ten leather brand rankings, Fendi NO.9 Fendi (founded in 1925.

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