Notice on the implementation of the plan for deepening the reform of innovation and Entrepreneurship

in order to improve the current situation of innovation and entrepreneurship lack of talent, innovation and entrepreneurship education must be caught up, the following is the report on the implementation of the program to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform notice.

to thoroughly implement the "implementation opinions of the general office of the State Council on deepening the higher education innovation and entrepreneurship education reform" (No. 2015, No. 36) the implementation of the provincial education department "on the implementation of higher education promotion plan views" (Shaanxi higher 2016 No. 4), please Universities according to the actual the implementation of the program of study and formulate the school, deepen the reform and innovation of entrepreneurship education in my office for the record. The requirements are as follows:

A, all colleges and universities to implement the main responsibility of innovation and entrepreneurship education, established by the school (hospital) long leader, deputy head in charge of school leaders and relevant departments responsible for the work of innovation and entrepreneurship education in the leading group, established by the Educational Department of the school students, led by the Communist Youth League, science and technology, employment and departments and other departments the working mechanism of co management of innovation and entrepreneurship education.

two, all colleges and universities should put innovation education reform as a "13th Five-Year" breakthrough of deepening the comprehensive reform of the school, to seriously study and reform system, clear tasks, detailed reform measures to strengthen the financial and security system, and vigorously promote the innovation and entrepreneurship education into the talent training of all aspects of the whole process.

three, all colleges and universities to the education and teaching innovation as the core, to accelerate the reform of education and teaching, to promote collaborative education, improve the innovation and entrepreneurship education curriculum system, improve teachers’ innovative teaching ability, improve the level of training innovative talents.

five, please on April 29, 2016 (Friday), the school will implement and deepen the innovative entrepreneurship education reform "task division form" (see Annex) to document form I Department of higher education, and send the electronic version to the specified mailbox.



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