did not know a few lies

I am the founder and CEO of an Internet venture team. Our product is the sea wave, which is a place where you can talk and share with others. The focus of this article is to share some of the feelings of this period of time, the link between our products will be written in the comments area, it is not in the text plus.

2015, my partner and I have resigned from BAT, decided to create some of their own career. It may seem like a crazy decision, but it seems to be a very common decision to talk about starting a business today. I am sure there will be many young people like us, who are devoted to the future of their own good or not imagined with a passion.

yes, at that time we do, in the business has not really started before the action, many of the entrepreneurial scene has begun to look forward to. Wait until after the real business, I found that some of the things we heard before the venture, in fact, are basically a lie". Of course, this lie refers to a lot of things and we do not meet the actual experience, and only you as an entrepreneur to go through personal experience, to experience.

lies 1: entrepreneurship is sitting in front of the Macbook every day programming

is pure desire. I think you must have seen many movies or books, such as the movie "the social network", a curly Zuckerberg sat on my desktop and notebook, crackling type, whether it is in the dormitory, or in the class, he opened the VIM text editor, the screen is divided into two columns, look or write PHP code. What a feeling it must be like this. Wrong.

a glass of beer a code

admittedly, the most important thing to create a product is the development of products, so programming is essential. But honestly, for us this programming loving people, sitting in front of the MacBook programming is a kind of enjoyment, we spend more time on product design, refine, demand exploration, there are many even and entrepreneurship are not directly related to things, such as reading, research industry etc.. In addition, as the person in charge of me, there are a lot of time to consider the team’s mood, the man why so few days did not produce results? I want to ask. That dude did not reply to my bug report, I have to care about. Let me sit in front of the MacBook 1 hours to write a good program, it has become a relaxation. Most of the time, I was sitting at home on the sofa, toilet, bath, dinner, the gym running, I think all of our products, think what time it can be done, what time do we use, and perhaps no one with tmd.

lies 2: entrepreneurs free time, you can arrange their own time

bich! Business people most of the time is not free.

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