How much money to join the green dew steamed

is the most delicious home cooked food items, such as what steamed buns and so on. Steamed bread is very familiar with people who also like to eat food, is a traditional food, has been popular in the market are welcome. Many snacks in the market, we are most concerned about is the quality and price, steamed bread is to meet the needs of everyone. Green dew steamed bread is not only affordable, but also very distinctive, nutritious and healthy, delicious, worthy of trust. So how much money to join the brand?

How much does it cost to join the


green dew steamed bread join fee is as follows:

one, join fee details

1, joining fee: 18 thousand yuan /3 years;

2, brand management fee: 1200 yuan / year; brand equity, brand information, channel development, customer development, media management, etc.;

3, brand use fee: 1400 yuan / year; at present the company to expand the market to enhance the brand influence and war head, the company will not charge for the next 3 years;

two, investment cost details

1, with a suitable place of business, the store area of not less than 16 square meters, the best in the large business district, business district, large communities, as well as the University City, such as large flow area;

2, decoration fee: 500-1000 yuan /m square meters; uniform compliance with the headquarters of the company on the relevant requirements of the decoration decoration and layout, to listen to the guidance.

3, facade rent: 2500 yuan / month or so; due to the size and location of the shops in the commercial center, District, school and other places are different, in order to prevail;

4, wage costs: 2200 yuan; costs are for reference only, because the cost of the franchise in accordance with the size of the size of the city is proportional to the size.

5, water and electricity charges: 530 yuan / month; the cost for business value and small value of cost difference is special, so specific to the actual cost of this fee is only for reference;

6, special equipment: 11000 yuan; the cost of the budget, specific to the actual cost, for reference only.

7, advertising costs: 1300 yuan for the opening of the shop to do some promotional activities, etc..

8, opening fee: 1300 yuan; for the opening of the day some of the product discount

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