Discuz! Joint A5 recommendation to allow visitors to easily become members

August 6th webmaster network news: since Discuz! X2.5 officially released, the version on the platform, modular, social, mobile and other characteristics by the webmaster. In particular, follow the Discuz! X2.5 released together with the Discuz! Application center, but also a steady flow of sophisticated equipment for the community, to strengthen the operation of the site!

as of August, Discuz, the application has more than 3600 developers and the development of the third party to join the team, there are more than 18 sites installed applications, the total number of installed more than 1 million 200 thousand times. In order to allow more owners to benefit, so that more high-quality applications to help webmasters operating site, Discuz! Admin5 network jointly organized by the special application of the recommended activities. Through the Discuz, the official evaluation results, the webmaster installation, comment on the heat, the regular screening for some of the top quality applications.

Discuz and Admin5 sixth for the webmaster recommended popular applications – visitors become members:



don’t let your site lose at the starting line! How to seize the entrance site, let visitors into high-quality members? Discuz! Application center the tourists become members "application can be transformed into membership website visitors, flexible operation, set up a simple, suitable for small sites most in installation.

application address: http://s.addon.discuz.com/? @guests.plugin

application highlights:

for tourists front:

1 simple registration process.

without the cumbersome registration process in accordance with the tourists, can directly use the recommended site account can log in, greatly guide tourists into the membership rate of

2 login again convenient.

when visitors visit the site again, according to the records of the cookie, the default allows members of the above assigned account login

3 to retain high-quality users.

to retain valuable members of the tourists, so that it can be converted into high-quality website members, visitors can modify their own account login. (this feature will soon be on the line)

4 presentation style unity.

visitors into the application can be based on the default style of the site to automatically match the template for the site’s prompt dialog box to ensure the unity of the site style.

5 supports mobile client browsing.

for the background:

1 simple settings, clear tips.


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