Online travel website donkey mother was 300 million yuan financing official website domain name lvma

renamed China ( October 16th news, online travel website donkey mother recently announced that has completed 300 million yuan financing, the product innovation in the mobile phone side to improve the user experience. Official website enabled donkey mother three fight domain name


diagram: page screenshot

ass mother travel network was founded in 2008, the official domain name enabled "of" ass mom three spell line, China is leading the new B2C tourism e-commerce website, travel products Chinese largest booking and information service platform. According to Hong Qinghua, founder of donkey mother said that the financing will be put into product innovation, improve the user experience, through the mobile phone to achieve the end.

with the improvement of people’s living standards, the online travel industry has developed rapidly, the market is vast. In the hands of a machine era, entrepreneurs are eyeing the mobile APP market. This is where the travel terminal (, Ctrip (, ( etc..

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