WeChat public account audit strategy change upgrade to the qualification audit and name audit


WeChat certification platform audit strategy upgrade

[TechWeb] reported on May 22nd news, WeChat today updated the latest WeChat certification audit platform strategy: from today, WeChat certified results will be divided into account main qualification examination results and the account name, the results of the audit, the audit results will be obtained in different function limit right of the interface.

it is understood that the account main qualification examination success, subscription number will receive a custom menu interface access service number will get all the permissions, multi customer interface interface advanced function interface, and can apply for business functions; audit the account name is completed successfully, the complete WeChat certification, the account will be certified identification and certification information.

According to WeChat

announced the contents of the display, to confirm the legitimacy of organizations, enterprises and other authorized account of authenticity, WeChat will immediately open the appropriate interface, so that the organization quickly use the platform to provide capacity development and operation of the public accounts. The account plus V, still adhere to the strict account name, information and other audit mechanisms to protect the rights and interests of each enterprise and users.

Interpretation of the results of the two stages of

WeChat certification:

1, account qualification: refers to the user to apply to Tencent, Tencent according to legal provisions and agreed to guarantee the process of the main user submitted qualification certificate or the certificate of rights to data and information for screening and verification, simply put, is the original WeChat certification process to remove the name of the certification audit link;

2, account name audit: refers to the application of the user to the Tencent, Tencent in accordance with the provisions of the law and the agreement and the two sides, the user’s public account name to review the process of approval. (An Dong)

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