Baidu micro purchase electricity supplier spoiler can bring what small website

early in April 1st this year, Baidu has been quietly on the line of the electricity supplier products "micro purchase, and after the failure of Baidu electric products Baidu has ah, Baidu micro purchase is not a through self built platform of building electricity supplier system products, micro merger did not leave the best at Baidu search box, but by way of keywords matching in the search results page with shopping page, and has established cooperative relations with the Jingdong, Dangdang, shop and other well-known B2C mall. The dragon boat festival dumplings, through Baidu search, you will find that a simple commodity graphic display box appears in front of the user, three items from, a from one store, users simply fill in the mobile phone number, address and other information can be completed online shopping. Have to say that this is indeed an innovation, whether this is a signal that Baidu once again entered the field of electricity supplier.

Baidu traffic business on Baidu micro purchase a few guesses

four years ago, at the Baidu World Congress, Robin Li put forward the concept of box computing. Although with the adjustment of the development strategy of Baidu as well as changes in the Internet situation, box computing has gradually faded, but Baidu’s core business can still be seen as a box computing system. It is based on the Baidu search traffic to do business, will flow to the needs of the Internet Co and the merchants, the biggest Internet search engine China entrance through Baidu, the Internet middleman, benefit from. Baidu micro purchase on the line, but also based on the creation of a search traffic. E-commerce, the future of the Internet will be the most promising and most potential business model, whether it is small and medium sites, or BAT and other Internet giants, do not want to miss this cake. Ali started e-commerce, which has its own electricity supplier genes and market advantage in the short term is difficult to shake. Tencent, 360, Sina and other giants are also trying to connect with the electricity supplier in their own way. Baidu in the field of electricity providers have tried for a long time, but did not succeed. The industry commented that the reason why Baidu has ah, Baidu and other electricity supplier products did not succeed, because Baidu is trying to use Ali good way to shake ali. Not only do electricity supplier and product flow, self built platform will not be easy. Baidu want to have some achievements in the electricity supplier, can only be established on its search advantage, through the flow of innovation.

The emergence of

Baidu micro purchase, indeed a bright spot, at least, this model once successful, for users, is undoubtedly quite convenient. About Baidu micro purchase, the Internet industry is also a variety of ideas and assumptions, summarized as follows:

Baidu once again electricity supplier, the success of


Baidu has ah, Baidu music cool days, Baidu had tried two electricity supplier products eventually failed. Therefore, the lack of electricity supplier Baidu gene argument is also popular in the internet. Baidu micro purchase this time is different from the previous Baidu electricity supplier route, followed by Baidu in imitation of Ali, the form of self built electronic business platform, but need to do a lot, and ultimately closed. The Baidu micro purchase, began to walk light, fast and small beauty

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