The business school from 11 to prepare for ERP double series the election of the logistics work well

logistics problem has been the most concerned about the business, but also consumers are most concerned about. Especially the double 11 campaign, logistics pressure inevitable explosion, there will be around the warehouse explosion phenomenon. According to the State Post Bureau predicted that this year, double 11 period (November 11th to 16) of the entire industry to deal with the mail business will be more than 1 billion 50 million, an increase of 35%. At the same time growth, as well as electricity supplier logistics costs.

In the face of the upcoming

logistics peak, the business school from ERP for all business customers, take precautions, specifically to increase the function of logistics service selection and payment collection, forced soliciting services to help businesses save delivery costs, easy to deal with double peak 11 logistics.

ERP from the 11 business school activities, a collaboration with "express bird", the use of ERP from the business school business orders during the double 11 activities, can be calculated from the data automatically recommend businesses to the fastest and cheapest logistics. At the same time, for the support of the payment platform, the logistics can also be recommended to help businesses collect money, to solve the problem of business receivables.

, which is the most attractive place for businesses is that all of these businesses are recommended to take priority of these businesses, and to protect the door must be within 2 hours, to lift the worries of businesses.

When the

in the double eleven extreme shortage of logistics, have such service businesses, to ensure timely delivery is undoubtedly more orders, perfect to protect consumers shopping experience, enhance consumer loyalty to the shop. At present, SF, tact, in the pass, rhyme and other dozens of courier companies have joined the service agreement.

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