Biography WeChat launched a new round of large block plan or push the certification management

January 17th, WeChat official net shot again large-scale ban WeChat number of friends over a million WeChat personal account account, many grassroots public protest, Gong Wenxiang is more directly on micro-blog shouted "entrepreneurs do not depend on WeChat" words, while Lu Zhenwang also echoed said had been blocked once, was almost scared to death.


on WeChat blocked account that began spreading in some circles on the night of January 16th, feedback from users are mainly concentrated in several aspects: 1, the other with their friends, they cannot click on the confirmation through; 2, choose friends add not to need to confirm the setting change failed; 3, some even cannot build WeChat group. The micro signal cannot be landed, show: "your account has been temporarily closed".

ban on WeChat initiatives, the parties differ. Electricity supplier analyst Gong Wenxiang that should not be brutally banned, even under the pressure of entrepreneurs do not cry down WeChat. The same is the electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong believes that a good seal, but also should be more determined, because the circle of friends has become increasingly commercialized can not see. There are links to some time ago WeChat push public account certification fee of things, think this is WeChat to force wilderness lakes receive certification and obey the management plan.

previously WeChat public account authentication fees, and immediately said it would pay close attention to the introduction of public accounts, and free to launch more features. Baidu quickly launched Baidu hundred, signing many media, through the power of the traffic and the entrance set, rapid implementation of WeChat public account of the diversion, but also further exacerbated the lower WeChat point into the public account rate.

up to now, from, easy letter and Sina micron and other competing products have no reaction. But there are a lot of WeChat, micron is testing a new product features to solve the organization management, enterprise organization large content publicity and user communication requirements, has a small range of contact with them, a lot of big account has been invited in micron and start to try, allegedly on the function officially launched very much looking forward to.

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