58 city acquisition of Amoy housing network aimed at taofang.com domain name

It is reported that in July 1st

news, recently completed the acquisition of 58 city has been low-key Amoy net company and the domain name taofang.com, caused the concern, the website and domain name information has been changed to 58 city name, the acquisition details not clear.

map: domain name information

Whois information query, taofang.com domain name holder is shown in the 58 city, the domain name registered in 2003, has 8 years of registration time, the Amoy taofang mainstream suffix.Cn/.com.cn/.net has been registered, the domain name for the domain name lovers collection, previously a user called taofang.com domain name changed at the beginning of June, upon inquiry was informed that the domain name did in June early in the 58 city name, guess the acquisition time for at least a month.

industry for the acquisition of 58 city a lot of speculation, there is speculation that the Amoy network originally 58 city’s company, there is no purchase, but the author inquiries related information, Amoy network company registered as natural person owned, and domain name registration information display for the Beijing new music exhibition Technology Co. Ltd. confirm the Amoy network and 58 city is two independent individuals, in addition, according to informed sources, Amoy network office has moved into a new company, the original company is removed, the acquisition seems not false rumors, which further confirmed the acquisition of the 58 city is the company website, with the acquisition of.

  figure: filing information

taofang is the Amoy room suite, Chinese characters Pinyin, in combination with the Chinese characters of "real" word, taofang.com domain name has the real characteristics of the industry, previously there have been rumors that Amoy net spent 1 million yuan to buy this domain name, the domain name value visible, taofang.com.


Amoy net purchase taofang.com domain name transaction amount is unknown, but we can not deny the value of the domain name, which is why the 58 city under the foot to get to 58, the city itself has opened a real estate intermediary channels, and network operation business competition Amoy room close, because the industry speculation, the 58 city the acquisition of behavior is directed to the domain name taofang.com.

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