Jiang Likun how to use SNS station network promotion

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SNS is more and more fire, fire over the head, the fire makes people lose their sanity: regardless of money or not, will not want the whole station, SNS station, SNS seems to be not put in his pocket, go out do not mean and say do workers in the Internet; right do the elite. What? You don’t know what SNS is? I rely too much, you could just sit back from Mars tractor? To push a forum to learn about it.

pulled away, and pulled back. With the success of SNS, a variety of research on the analysis of the article is that there is no emerge in an endless stream, promotion opportunity? The answer must be sure! So today, Jiang Likun joined in the fun, talk about how to through the SNS website promotion.

a, determine the target friend

first to talk about the basic problem of adding friends. As we all know, the network promotion to achieve the best results, the most basic one is to find the crowd. So we want to achieve the desired effect of the promotion in SNS, you must first make clear that part of the population should be added as a friend, then take them to a pulling out): little attention here, try to find those in the target population are well-known, influential people. In order to maximize the dissemination effect. Find friends on the method, there are three:

1, through friends to find.

we first look for a very accurate target group, it is best to have a very wide circle of people. Then follow their friends’ clues, digging a little. You know? That’s how the gold is dug.

2, through search.

if the target population is divergent, can not find the first article, you can use this method. Specific methods are as follows: for example, we are looking for sports fancier. First of all, we first determine the country’s most famous sports schools or faculties have those, and then in the search for friends in SNS, the search for these institutions. At this time the search out of the people are basically interested in sports friends.

3, let others take the initiative to find you.

if you feel so active to find very tired, it can use this. The method is as follows: for example, we want to look for the avid fans of star group, then we can use the star name to register a ID, then in slightly more active, basically there are a lot of fans come to you:


two, the ten ultimate method

target crowd found, it is necessary to start the promotion. Here to share with you the ten ultimate SNS promotion methods, internal information, not allowed to spread kazakhstan.

1, personalized avatar.

this does not need to say, a note note. Here’s a tip: try not to use it

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