American humor website business smiled to make money

Author: Southern Weekend reporter He Dazhuo from Beijing

American humor industry caused the VCs attention, and in China, because it is difficult to protect copyright, humorous content still exists in print publications, or mobile phone text messages, or scattered in various sites, even if there is micro-blog, it seems that it is difficult to chengqihou, praised.

, an online survey of social networking sites, said Americans had the most sense of humor, while the Germans were the least humorous. The sense of humor is perhaps the most important element of our new friends, said the marketing director of the site.

corresponds with the humorous Americans, the United States humor industry developed in full swing. In May 2011, has a reputation of "network Oscar Award" of the fifteenth session of the "Mr veiby Award", humorous website "entertainment to death" ( swept 8 awards, becoming the biggest winner. Pop star Justin · Bibb with a funny video to get the public’s people’s choice award".

coincidentally, January 2011, American humor publisher Cheezburger received $30 million in venture capital, the core content of this company is to provide "spelling of cute animal pictures + funny".

laugh own gold house

"our investors are definitely our loyal fans." Cheezburger website editor in chief Emily to the Southern Weekend reporter’s reply is not without pride to say. She is the wife of Ben, President of the company, is considered to be the woman behind the humor".

Ben was a reporter, Emily was a full-time blogger, the couple created an interesting pet website in 2007, including pet humor, funny pictures, but also issued a number of product information.

in a month at the beginning of the establishment of the website, but then the United States of St Paul almost No one shows any interest in, after the outbreak of Salmonella, site traffic rose to 1 million 500 thousand a month of madness. However, due to the Ben on the website of melamine and related compounds of pet food testing, he had to accept the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) questions.

Emily quit his job at this time, full-time blogging, and Ben also began to produce the boredom of being a journalist, decided to focus on doing interesting things".

In a chat with a friend, Ben said, "I like Cheezburger

." This website also was born in 2007, the first is the cat’s funny pictures, created by a couple of bloggers in Hawaii. Ben’s friend replied, "why don’t you buy it?"


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