Affected by the domain name and the site of the company at the end of the performance by Google even

January 25th news (reporter Xiao Kefeng) recently, according to some site reflect, due to the domain name policy adjustment and consider the impact of Google exit event this year Chinese, they received less than 35 buckets, performance has shrunk nearly 70%.

is located in Beijing, Chaoyang District, a building company, recently announced a holiday ahead of schedule. But the company’s boss Chen did not mind the staff at ease. Chen boss said that in previous years before the Spring Festival, the station orders doubled, but this year before the station business has shrunk by nearly 70%. The old company in the consumption, it is better to leave early, so that employees go home as soon as possible".

Shenzhen, Futian District boss Hu boss, like the company received a few days before the station orders. Hu boss is currently only 2 employees to continue to build the site, and arrange for other staff engaged in the development of procedures and templates.

reporter learned that a number of sites before the company is almost stagnant. They said, because of reduced orders, a domain name is affected by the policy adjustment, resulting in prolonged time although the domain name for the record, the establishment of the customer demand, but the construction period is prolonged; two, by considering the influence of Google China exit event, customers still wait-and-see attitude, whether on the site shilly-shally years ago.

home station company said that this year before the establishment of business has become the fact, they only hope is that the spring, relevant policies to stabilize.

according to CNNIC data show that as of December 2009, the number of Chinese websites reached 3 million 230 thousand, the number of sites continued to grow steadily, but the growth rate slowed down compared with previous years.

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