[activity] looking for excellent personal Adsense planning to join 51.com

on the page: http://s.kf.51.com/zhaopin/
personal webmaster

people are heroes!   China personal website far more than tens of millions of daily flow, total more than Baidu


a lot of personal website has been in hot pursuit of VC, many personal Adsense many personal website traffic earning large quantities of gold each day, hundreds of thousands, many personal Adsense is dug into the corporate name


China’s personal webmaster achievements of China’s Internet, China’s personal website pop-up a Taobao!

a lot of personal webmaster can do dozens of sites a day, only a few hours a day, have been crazy!

web site statistics webmaster will see N times a day, the site’s traffic is the best daily limit!

each portal from the personal website, each Internet billionaires are roots!
heroes waiting…


51 welcome to join the individual heroes! Now there are nearly ten to join the ranks of the ranks of the!

51 a year short time, every day hundreds of thousands of new users to join! Every day there are millions of pictures uploaded by Google! 51.com Analytics statistics to have more than 300 million PV

every day!

but the 51 rival abnormal strong, in the face of Qzone, Baidu space, 51 huge pressure! After the first half of 51 users in 70% will also become Qzone users, this is a tough war! 51 must have more products, better service to


so, 51 parties are eager to join the hero, for 51 to 60 million can give advice and suggestions, provide better services to users of


51 waiting for heroes…..


activity & bonus & work

theme: 51.com virtual cash planning master

found to be a hero

time: July 1, 2007 ~ September 18, 2007

content: 51 existing products for analysis and research, a series of detailed planning program, including product planning, marketing planning, community planning, online promotion, etc.

is not limited to the form, not limited to words, as long as it can clearly explain the views can be



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