How to make a better collaboration between different teams Airbnb has the experience to learn

"product team in a valley, marketing is in another Valley, connecting them is a long and narrow suspension bridge. Every day, some brave ‘thought’ will try to walk across the bridge. What we need is to build a bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge is as strong, no matter how much traffic on both sides can communicate smoothly."

– Blaine · Airbnb co-founder and CEO


I have previously argued that no matter what your character, you should try to contact more people, learn from people who have something valuable. In fact, to be discussed in this thesis is Airbnb to share some very valuable ideas of their own brand remodeling, how they cross products, marketing, engineering and design team to achieve collaborative work, and how they are configured to ensure success and team work efficiency.

I have the opportunity to communicate with Airbnb experience design director Katie M.Dill and Airbnb experience designer Alvin Hsia. We explore a number of different topics, such as previous entrepreneurial experiences, perceptions of the social economy in Asia and Singapore, and how each of the different teams work together. But after only a few weeks, I met Alvin Hsia at the Greylock design community conference in Silicon Valley, so I decided to talk about some of the secrets of Airbnb little known.

team architecture


Airbnb design team consists of four pillars, namely experience, product, insight (concept) and content strategy. According to the initials of four English words, it is also EPIC. Katie is responsible for the experience of the design team, the industry’s products and user experience designer. The number of experienced designers and product designers is about 10:1, and the relationship between them will be discussed in detail later.

brand remodeling

Airbnb abandoned the old era of Logo, Airbnb carried out brand remodeling, put forward the "Belong Any where (home in Quartet)" concept. However, brand remodeling is initiated and promoted by marketing. One of the recommendations that Katie provides for the rebranding of big companies is that it’s best to get your brand remodeling strategy (at least one) to support the company’s work. This is very helpful, especially if you need a lot of cross functional team, to get the support of executives will help save a lot of trouble, play a multiplier effect.


when Airbnb first launched the brand remodeling work, Logo print out the effect is very good, but on the digital screen, including the effect of the display on the web and mobile products is not satisfactory. If you are in your company, product design and brand

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