A bit of information issued a statement cooperation with millet to continue to pre OPPO millet is no

July 25th morning news, a little information today, millet access disk OPPO issued a public statement: after reaching cooperation with OPPO, millet did not exit. On the outside world, a little information and millet cooperation rupture, OPPO access to millet and other remarks untrue.

the afternoon of July 23rd, ifeng.com announced that a strategic partnership, a subsidiary of information and OPPO according to the protocol, a little information to related company OPPO issuance of preferred stock D round, OPPO installed in the intelligent mobile phone on a mobile phone application service in exchange for information. After the signing of the agreement, the information will cover a wide range of OPPO models.

reached a strategic cooperation before a little information and OPPO, millet and had reached a similar strategic cooperation. So there are external news that a little overwhelmed information and OPPO to achieve cooperation, on the one hand is the rupture of cooperation with millet, OPPO into the offer; and because shipments of millet in sales and were ahead OPPO, little information seeking greater cooperation in pre channel, but little information has denied the a rumor.

a little information said: "a strategic cooperation with millet information smoothly well, little information on the mobile phone users millet, and support a little information obtained from the millet and do not have any, mobile reading friends can go beyond, with OPPO reached a strategic cooperation with a little information, instead of millet retreat, and in the original basis to further strengthen the information with a deeper and wider cooperation." (Li Gen)

below is a bit of information published today in the statement:

"rumor and discredit didn’t stop the pace of information"

last week 51 information and OPPO reached a major strategic cooperation, causing widespread concern in the industry, is believed to help reshape the market structure. In the mobile terminal personalized reading field, people want to see effective market competition, and past experience has also shown that competition can maximize benefits for users and customers to create new markets, stimulate innovation.

but at the same time, a group of way through disinformation to discredit and mouthing the cooperation information in online social media, from the media, and the quiz, publisher to certain tone said, this is when the OPPO disk access man millet, millet mobile phone on the news of the day has been a live the friends of millet and beyond, a little information facing the breakdown of cooperation, OPPO now just in disk access, conclude a little uncertain information and so on.

a little information from the beginning, we uphold the technology driven products, quality of content for the user experience, the development of the concept of humility and with an open and positive development of the Internet, from colleagues and friends who learn successful experience, efforts to promote cross-border cooperation to create a new, open platform and ecosystem. We do not believe that the malicious rumors to discredit shake a good business, so always focus and through efforts on the products, content, and user experience.

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