Exclusive the world’s 676 dry cargo 2 letter domain COM survey!

is simple and easy to remember, great investment value is known to the 2 letter domain name, doubling year by year in recent years worth, attracted a large number of investors. These 2 letters are the domain name or domain name investors pull in their hands, waiting for selling at high prices or be enabled, terminal station, a value. So now, we will be the exclusive secret of the world’s 676 – and 2 letter domain is now the survival of the state.

diagram: Global 676 2 letter domain name status table (1)

look too high YAHOO av.com Waterloo

last November, "money" for its YAHOO group of idle domain shot auction, "family", which need the domain name av.com on this column. However, this attracted a large number of people to the auction, and is expected to take the price of node av.com, but the accident was in Waterloo, a $125 thousand node auction prices far lower than YAHOO at 1 million -150 million Qipai price, let a person greatly disappointed. After this battle, av.com to rest, now jump to YAHOO search page.


: the world’s 676 2 letter domain name status table (two)

won the jd.com

Jingdong do a meteoric rise

is also the last year, a number of domestic electricity providers have been looking at the short domain name, set off a wave of domain name change. Among them, in particular, Jingdong to spend tens of millions to enable the 2 letter domain name jd.com is the most attractive. When the high price of Jingdong and the high-profile opening of the jd.com, there are people’s Congress praised the move Jingdong can save more than one hundred million yuan for its traffic promotion costs. Although this cannot be confirmed, but it is undeniable that since the jd.com, Jingdong do more smoothly.

according to Alex query, jd.com domain name daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) was 4830000, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) up to 144900000. And this year the successful listing, market capitalization of $26 billion, in the mainstream business on the road more walk more far, become the strongest rival Taobao.


: the world’s 676 2 letter domain name status table (three)

domestic terminal preference 2 letter mi.com Flower Drop millet

in April this year, for the pursuit of international development, millet mobile phone official website officially opened the domain name mi.com, then the micro-blog mi.com boast Lei Jun is the most expensive China in the history of the Internet domain name. Although mi.com’s purchase price is $3 million 600 thousand, not Lei Jun said the "most expensive", but the domain name mi.com is really not cheap.

In addition to millet

enabled mi.com, this year, Iqiyi bought qy.com, the same way network for high-profile ly.com, Spring Airlines and the acquisition of ch.com is enabled, and the Green Valley loan treasure bills were on the line 2 letter domain pj.com, rz.com etc.. Domestic >

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