Domestic well-known nternet companies were hackers extortion! 20 dollars will be able to settle

seems to have no reason to do business on a harmonious Thanksgiving day. But the bad guys never talk to you.

today’s bad guys are Armada Collective (armada). The full range of children’s pirate hacker organization gets its name from the Spanish Armada (Armada), what they do as pirates, cruel means, clear objectives, simple logic, that is – DDoS + attack to extort money.

specific steps are like this:

1, the selection of a company, the general is the stability of Internet service provider

2, sent a congratulatory message message, tell each other to launch DDoS attacks, want to ward off it, we must give money.

3, attack for 15 minutes, show muscle. Let each other know, brother is serious.

4, if the other party refused to pay, it launched a continuous attack until the receipt of money.


[extortion letter from the armada]

wants to disaster, the armada only charge you 20 dollars Oh pro ~ Nani, so affordable? Or Zimbabwe baht coins? Unfortunately, is the world’s most valuable currency, bitcoin… According to the existing exchange rate, 20 bitcoin equivalent to less than 40 thousand yuan.

The key problem with

is that if you don’t pay a ransom in time, the ransom will increase at a rate of 20 bitcoins per day. If you pay a day late, you have to pay 40, if one day later, it will be 80. So now, drag a year or so, but the amount of astronomical ah, even Bill Gates also can not stand.

Lei Feng network reporter with trembling hands according to the calculator, even if the wealth of $80 billion, then if the payment is not paid in arrears, he can hold up……. 40 thousand years. Okay, Gates, you won.


[Bill Gates monologue: blame me]

in fact, this extortion model is quite old, it can be said that there was a dog that year DDoS extortion. However, with the rise of cloud computing, a large number of resources available, let DDoS attack cost the cliff like decline, and people for the Internet service and reliability requirements in the continuous strengthening of the destructive force which makes grow with each passing day caused by DDoS attacks. So this is not so for way of high technology content to become popular, the use of poetic language is the dregs.

these two days, the invincible fleet sea frequently, the world’s major financial institutions and Internet service providers are accidentally bitten".

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