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is the following speech:

host Chef: Hello everyone!

Wang Gaofei: Hello everyone!

host Cook: I am wen, he is Wang Gaofei.

Wang Gaofei: I’m Wang Gaofei. He’s a chef.


Wen Kitchen: Frankly speaking, this is my first public presided presided over, especially in hosting such a big meeting, I guess either because I was the founder of the Great Wall, is sponsor of the GMIC conference, I could not get the opportunity to do. I chaired the level is quite high, there have been very highly, I remember I chaired a closed door meeting, probably about 20 people in our industry all the chiefs of the meeting, my hosting style would later be summarized as they called Wen presided over the kitchen, I do not have any topic, no problem I said, first please ask each other, I remember when we include Baidu’s guests and Tencent guests was shocked, there are about 5 seconds left, I finally said or designated to ask questions, and then a cold field, I think it is a lot of pressure, I said and you ask a question he says, why me? I said my good design. Honestly, I Miss teacher Li, I hope he recover soon, thank you all.

today I deliberately designed it to fly, I said I actually came to power after all my interview outline is invalid, although we had the outline of the interview before, who is my good gay friend, good gay friend named GWC. The first topic is I, I said I am particularly careful about your study and work in the background, then I found a little piqued my interest in some other, I didn’t find more valuable information, is to say that he is out of the North literary youth. In our China mobile Internet circles there are a lot of men are Tsinghua Science and technology, I wonder, Tsinghua Polytechnic male is always looked down upon us Peking young artists, early because I also had a university less glorious part-time learning experience, so today I think we Peking the youth is not to reflect his style, can help us to share more indeed represent our North level share, first to the point of pressure to our good gay friend goofy classmates, can you introduce your work and learning experience, let everyone know more about you, if I do not say it is estimated how many people do not know.

Wang Gaofei: I’ve been in the kitchen for a long time, so I’m joking. I should be after graduation to join Sina, to clarify that I am not a literary and artistic youth, I also despise the young literature and art, I am the North University of science and technology.

host Chef: Peking University well, it should be here applause.

Wang Gaofei: I joined Sina after graduation, in a very long period of time, the beginning of an engineer, was responsible for Sina’s wireless business, probably began in 2009 to participate in the micro-blog business

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