nternet plus action guidelines issued is expected next week

[Abstract] "Internet plus" was finally out of the top-level design, 11 key areas identified.


reporter Fu Beijing reported a

"Internet plus" was finally out of the top-level design.

The State Council executive meeting

June 24th, the key issue is locked in the "Internet plus", except before "Internet plus foreign trade" and other issues, this should be the executive meeting of the State Council comprehensively and systematically for the first time on the "Internet plus" system of procedure. At this meeting, "top-level design Internet plus" was passed.

we used to say that in the field of information, especially the Internet, developing countries and developed countries stand on the same starting line. Now, we are likely to stand on such a starting line. And, in some ways, even bigger than the developed world." Premier Li Keqiang said.


meeting of the "Internet plus" guidance "(hereinafter referred to as the" opinions "), clearly promote the" Internet plus ", to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, collaborative manufacturing, modern agriculture, smart energy, inclusive finance, public service, efficient logistics, e-commerce, convenient transportation, green ecology, artificial intelligence development some key areas of target can form new industrial model tasks, and to determine the relevant support measures.

11 key areas

identified 11 key areas of the meeting so many entrepreneurs at the moment, these areas will undoubtedly get more policy support. According to the State Council executive meeting of the document must be issued within 7 days of the request, the opinion is expected to be formally introduced in the coming week.

it is worth noting that, in 11 key areas of development, the opinions of the first emphasis on the depth of integration with the Internet is entrepreneurial innovation".

more than a month ago, Li Keqiang had walked into the 3W cafe is located in Zhongguancun business street, a shot in the arm for entrepreneurs, stressed that "innovation is the steady growth an important foundation for the employment of this thing, until today still smarting.

Li Keqiang pointed out that since the beginning of this year, employment in particular always maintain a stable employment situation of college students, the "Internet plus" has played an important supporting role. "The employment of college students and the" Internet plus "closely linked, not only to create great wealth, but also reduce the pressure of society." Li Keqiang said, "overall," Internet plus "in entrepreneurship, employment, innovation, and other aspects of the upgrade, played a major role."

in addition to the 11 key areas delineated, the meeting also identified five specific support measures: clean up unreasonable policies hinder the development of "Internet plus", to relax the integration of products and services market access; the implementation of the "Internet plus" new hardware engineering, strengthen the new generation of information infrastructure construction, speed up the core chip, high-end server >

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