Micro shop into the scope of industrial and commercial registration law enforcement Changsha October

original title: Micro shop will be included in the scope of industrial and commercial registration law enforcement

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WeChat circle of friends into business circles, the owner does not need to register, as long as a few photos sent a few words, they began to do purchasing business. In addition, overseas purchasing agents and professional purchasing website also developed rapidly, so crazy situation also led to the rise of consumer online shopping complaints. Business sector in October this year will start regulation.

newspaper September 26th hearing WeChat shop to be included in the scope of industrial and commercial law enforcement. Reporters learned from the Changsha Municipal Industry and commerce, the future of the new media production and operation of natural persons and businesses will be included in the scope of industrial and commercial registration and enforcement. In addition, from the beginning of August this year, sales of personal items mailed, required to pay the corresponding taxes, such as the purchase of PENAVICO evade supervision, its behavior will be suspected of smuggling.




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"the latest purchase of a batch of Holland native milk, are interested in the mother can through the micro signal add me as a friend, speak freely in WeChat." In micro-blog, a man named "good purchasing" the blogger is "mouthpiece", and a lot of friends like foreign trade has also become her friend WeChat.

I do not know what time from the beginning, WeChat open as long as a circle of friends, all kinds of purchasing picture out of the Bay, constantly refresh, up to a clothing purchasing friend sent more than and 20 sales information, netizen "mother Alan" said, "okay but occasionally look fresh every day, all kinds of goods like to refresh outside the ‘run’, feeling a little tired."

is the earliest in the circle of friends to do business, nine out of ten make purchasing business, initially, luxury goods, baby products, cosmetics and more concerned.

Changsha people miss Wang told reporters that many full-time purchasing seller can easily on a monthly income of million yuan, now purchasing the road wider and wider, many sellers will look on the stomach, selling food, imported from snacks to hardcore supper, from private kitchens to agricultural products, the sale price is not high, but still give the seller a substantial income".


from October to the industrial and commercial registration

features of the "WeChat purchasing is to point to frequent push, for customers to continuously improve the degree of adhesion, can escape the supervision in the area, obviously, these buyers are very unfavorable." Reporters learned from the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, this year, due to micro channel consumer disputes arising from the transaction has nearly a thousand. Only 12315 complaints, complaints to consumers in often because they can not provide the true name and the specific contact the seller, only to give up.


, Changsha, Industrial and Commercial Bureau in accordance with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "network behavior of commodity trading and related services management Interim Measures" requirements, from the beginning of October this year, that do business in the network, need to register the business sector. If it is natural

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