Stationmaster net broadcast Lei Jun announced that Chen Tong joined millet as vice president of Alip

1 hi car IPO financing amount up to $140 million  

November 4th, EHI update F-1 Prospectus Documents, the initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange issued 10 million shares of ADS (American Depositary Shares), the issue price range of $12-14. Deutsche Bank withdrew from the Underwriters list. A car will start the roadshow in the United States today.

a car in October 3rd formally submitted to the United States IPO application documents, media have reported that the amount of financing will reach $200 million, calculated according to the maximum issue price of $14, the maximum financing amount of $140 million, compared with the earlier rumors has shrunk dramatically.

‘s latest prospectus also shows that Deutsche Bank has withdrawn from the Underwriters list, a car did not respond to explain. Prior to the prospectus, responsible for a car rental hi the underwriters are JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs asia.

2 Chen Tong Lei Jun announced officially joined as vice president of millet $1 billion investment in the construction of   content;

Chen Tong departure from Sina, described the industry circle heavy news, the Internet has been spread out Chen Tong will join millet, is responsible for the market, but these are just rumors, but in today, millet officially announced the new vice president, Chen Tong is right.

released from millet situation, the former editor of sina will serve as the content and the content of investment millet, vice president of operations.

addition, millet also stressed that the future will invest $1 billion for content construction, enrich the content of millet tv.

3 Alipay access flash shopping site Gilt to support the 2000 overseas merchants  

November 4th noon news, global shopping site Gilt today announced the formal access to Alipay to pay, this is after iHerb, MY BAG, Japan Lotte, and an access to Alipay to pay overseas shopping sites. At present, Alipay has provided cross-border payment services for 2000 overseas businesses, support 14 kinds of currency.

Gilt was founded in 2007, headquartered in the United States, is a luxury flash purchase site. Product categories include apparel, jewelry, home and travel and other fields, services from the United States spread to more than and 100 countries around the world. Gilt currently offers Chinese customer service, and access to Alipay to pay, is an important step in Gilt depth China market.

data show that Chinese consumers contribute 29% of the global luxury market revenue. In 2013 alone, Chinese consumers spend $33 billion on overseas websites.

4.P2P readme: the tragic history of investors suffered 13 dead

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