U.S. blog said the Chinese market should not give up the big

introduction: the famous American technology blogger Robert Scoble · (Robert Scoble) China wrote today, due to the huge size of the market, so Google should not give up this market.

below is an overview of the article:

A Japanese writer at

technology blog TechCrunch sent me a Twitter message this evening: "some people (such as @scobleizer) are now being shocked by the cult of Google. In addition to cooperation, Google has done in the past 4 years in China what?

and Randy, a Microsoft employee named · Holloway, said to me on Twitter: "you are a very nice person, but you have lost your mind (Randy). Have you ever thought that the reason why Google to withdraw from the Chinese market because of failure?

although some misleading, but I think these two issues are more reasonable, and the same question is no longer a minority.

first let me answer some questions about Google’s failure in the Chinese market. I think this is too cynical. Why do you say that if business decisions are based on this idea, then Microsoft has long abandoned the search business. But to answer this question, you need to go to China to see it myself. China is a huge market. Within 20 years, it will be much larger than the United states. The number of Internet users in China is huge, so it is not wise to give up the market.

, like most other technology companies, Google has a lot of employees in China, who will develop some features for the U.S. market. I saw this when I was working at Microsoft. A lot of cool features Windows and Office are developed in Chinese. So, even from the Chinese market because of business failure, it is not smart, because you also want to give up the staff, many of whom are engineers than the United States more intelligent, and the salary is much lower. Last year, when I went to China, I learned that a senior engineer paid only $25 thousand a year, while a senior engineer at Microsoft’s headquarters, Raymond, was able to earn more than $200 thousand a year. What’s more, Google is not a loser, despite its Chinese market share lost to Baidu, ranked second.

In fact, the withdrawal from the Chinese market will enhance Google’s competitors (such as Microsoft, YAHOO, apple, etc.) strength. What’s more, China has the world’s best supply chain. You know, Google Nexus One mobile phone is made in China, Google used hard drives and other products from china. (Yu


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