Traditional companies how to make the perfect combination of online and offline

2011 e-commerce industry summit (Autumn) explain the traditional enterprise "electric shock" secret

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the rapid development of emerging e-commerce companies are likely to force a number of traditional industry giant out of the woods. On this point, all of the traditional companies are well aware of, but did not dare let down. Facing the trend of new technology revolution of science and technology, new media, traditional enterprises are aware of the traditional channels far enough to simply hold the lifeblood of competition, more and more traditional companies have tested the water in the field of electronic commerce, hoping to open up new channels of e-commerce platform for the development of the enterprise also reinforce the enterprises in the future to participate in the global competition.

the future is bright, the road is tortuous, in the traditional enterprise full of confidence, to hold high the banner of e-commerce at the same time, had thrown " finalism " well-known blogger Song Baoqiang splashed a pot of cold water: in his own blog lists the traditional electricity supplier sector executives " class; " Horrors: Lining Lin Li, head of electronic commerce minister Zhao Zhi, Galanz e-commerce e-commerce Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd responsible person recently have left, plus before and other traditional enterprise business department general manager……

face let people love and hate e-commerce, a traditional giant enterprise leaders in an interview said: "you don’t do, opponents do; you don’t do, novice do; you don’t do, different industry do; you don’t do, do. So, do or not, has not been a problem, the problem is how to do the


products, personnel, operations, should be resolved through what way? What exactly is Taobao or self built platform? How to rectify the market, to assist the benign development of the traditional channels, but also does not affect the development of electronic commerce in the electronic commerce? Turning process, how to use the existing accumulation and advantage? In learning e-commerce experience at the same time how to get out of a unique path, in accordance with its own characteristics? Whether the introduction of capital business growth booster?…… These puzzles, like a seat in the small hill cross traditional enterprise "electric shock" before the trip.

ECIS as the top leader summit type electronic commerce industry, by examining the different problems facing the entire industry ecosystem, different types of enterprises and a large area of industry research, aware of this problem and combine it into a new session of the theme of the summit to be held in September 27th 2011 in the electronic commerce industry (Autumn) ECIS summit, the organizing committee will invite many traditional enterprises, the top leaders of the CEO e-commerce enterprises, industry leading consulting firms and venture capital institutions from the perspective of innovation and win-win, expand on the traditional enterprise electric tour keynote and Roundtable, opened the traditional enterprise shock; explore corporate veil "in the background of e-commerce operation mode; traditional enterprise to study together various puzzles and solutions in the process of facing electricity.

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