Views on collection and spam sites

      acquisition is currently the most rapid method station increase their website content most quickly, and cleave to the site and do the collection known as garbage station, the acquisition station is basically rely on Baidu IP, Baidu is not long after the acquisition in the collection of most of the web recorded this station. Some sites even master acquisition by Baidu included the millions of pages, IP reached tens of thousands or more in a very short period of time, but after a period of time you will find yourself from Baidu to flow decreased rapidly, the number of Baidu included almost equal to zero.

      I believe that many webmaster do collection will have such experience, a lot of people will think that this is the first Baidu make some sweetness, and then let the owners take money to do jjpm, in fact, is it really?  

      the collection is actually too much, we all like a swarm of bees to go to collect the large sites, specifically to do with other popular keywords, content acquisition station is almost as like as two peas, can be said to be almost mirror image acquisition, we do know when the acquisition, acquisition to the collector in the same article the acquisition will automatically skip, not to the same article, Baidu included is the same reason, in the collection of time might not be so strict, to a certain time after cleaning the garbage, maybe this time you will be kicked off the Baidu website.

      do you really can not do, can only rely on their original? In fact, I think the acquisition can still be done, because most of the webmaster is single-handed, not like the big sites that have a team to do, a person is only a hand, if only the original estimate of ten years, I also do not page ten thousand. We usually have been 163, Sina, Tom and other large sites, do not know how many articles they found no cars and IT channels are from the professional automotive website and IT website COPY over, because they are not professional car and IT website and main source of these channels is not flow, not possible cast a lot of money to do professional testing, but they are not completely copied at least 100%, change the title or add their own comments.

      that is, a large web site can do, we can do small sites. Do the best collection can be modified two times, so it does not seem so fake, at least change the title, Chinese characters are broad and profound, to find a synonym should not be difficult. You can also add their own unique comments in this article, so that others are more likely to remember your site, increase the rate of return, many professional sites are doing so.

      trouble? Hard? Do not have a few mouse clicks can do well. Don’t be tired to do.

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