Subdivision of the electricity supplier price war smoke again backed by the investor or the parent c

did not profit but dare to fight for the United States, although losses have continued to fight in the fierce battle at low price. In the comprehensive electricity supplier price war has not completely ended, fine classification of electricity supplier price war smoke again, and these can spell the price, most of the back tree, there is a deep pocketed investors or the parent company.


has experienced intense price war, the price war is almost useless in the electricity supplier recognized the long-term development of the industry, but is "the value of the electricity supplier war" transformation, still did not give up the position of price war.

shoes three Hegemony: discount + price

in the footwear market, good music to buy and Amoy has been hutch hegemony, until midway from the excellent shopping network, the background is the largest footwear brands of BELLE group.

in good music to buy and Amoy battle this year tends to be calm, excellent shopping network announced the launch of the "spring thunder action", Nike, Adidas, Puma, CONVERSE and other brands of goods based on the existing 4-7 fold to minus 50 yuan -200 yuan, and the 400 to buy back 400 yuan. The price war is paying off, excellent shopping network for the first time on the orders of more than 6200.


does not make money under a large-scale promotion, and is closely related to the excellent shopping network background, the international joint venture by BELLE and Baidu to establish, and BELLE in China, self owned retail shop 14950, female shoe sales in the top 10, there are 6 brands belonging to BELLE international. In addition, BELLE is the largest and the world’s second largest sporting goods agents.

household appliance sales: "club" dropped 20%

3C, in the field of home appliances, is even more intense competition, Jingdong,, Amazon mall in Chinese electric digital sellers do not say, the traditional home appliance retail heavyweights Suning and Gome (micro-blog) have in the shop on the force, the former, the United States kuba.

in the Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon Chinese for free delivery is insufficient, have announced the start of the collection time, and the United States but because rely on Tesco Suning and Gome, the warehousing, logistics, facade system, to retain the "audience free shipping". While coo8 side executives criticized the electricity supplier price war is not reasonable, I was still in the side of the price war on the road all the way. The site has recently launched a monthly round of night total benefits, during the event will be a variety of product prices down to 20%, a price of less than $32 LCD TV price of less than $1500.

night more than a promotional Kuba, recently to the same "night Hui" in the title of a large-scale promotion. Jingdong and the store "night" has become well-known promotional activities in the evening, seckill cheap goods, and to restore the original price during the day.

luxury: compete for listing

in February this year, the fine classification of electricity supplier website to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SE>)

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