Analysis of the problems in the e-mail marketing

mail marketing has now been the topic of old growth, the author also often received various industry electricity supplier EDM promotional e-mail, according to the author of the real electricity supplier to do a good job e-mail marketing. Why is the same industry in different business enterprise for the same user group, email marketing into effect will be a difference of several percentage points? Why email marketing effect is not satisfactory? In the author will initiate bold to do the electricity supplier colleagues put forward some marketing problems in the mail, may solve doubt in mind.

1 mail marketing effect data tracking.

part of the electricity supplier to do email marketing, just send out emails on the end, there is no follow-up data tracking, also do not know the e-mail marketing to rate is how much, how much is the conversion rate, the number of users to open the mail and jump to your own web page, how much is the mail come through users of the site average residence time, the user opens the message first click on what kind of products. We all understand the electricity supplier in the operation of data analysis is a very important part of the data will provide the basis for decision-making, data can help us continue to improve, and constantly improve the effectiveness of e-mail marketing. If simply send out messages, no data tracking, so how to improve the marketing effect? Free current statistical tools, such as domestic CNZZ, Baidu statistics are not specific data alone message tracking, good marketing, in the marketing process of mail to the above said statistics these accurate data, you need to Google Analytics and Google site building tools can be used in combination with.

Whether the

2 mail unsubscribe

if there is an unsubscribe link or button to send promotional emails, so to do not want to receive these users is that they are likely to click on the unsubscribe button. If there is no such a promotional mail unsubscribe for entrance, do not want to receive this email client is likely to directly to the sender to the blacklist, or click the spam, if there are a large number of users are doing, then receive mail server is likely to be a server named garbage source. At present, some small and medium enterprises have such basic problems, this brutal way greatly reduces the arrival rate of the message, reading rate and conversion rate.

3 there is no purpose of frequent spamming

e-mail marketing in the electricity supplier is mainly for the old customers, used to maintain customer relationships and improve customer repeat purchase rate. The new customer e-mail marketing, according to their own customer base to do a good job of data screening, and then targeted to send. Many electricity supplier counterparts doing e-mail marketing, the same theme is sent several times a week, causing mail bombing to the customer, think about this in the end is to do marketing? Or do mass spam? Remember there is no purpose of frequent spamming will only make those potential customers may be drifting away.

at present, the first line of the domestic electricity supplier bigwigs mail

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