.CC domain name once again into the public view of the host into a new pop the reasons behind the an

"domain name.CC, have rich your world view is reasonable? In retrospect, unlike the.COM/.NET.CC domain name and domain name known to the public, and even some obscure. But in recent years,.CC domain name once again into the public view, select the use of.CC domain name has become a trend, such as the acquisition of Sohu tuan.cc domain names, and now let us look at the.CC domain name of the upper road.


".CC" Cocos (Keeling) is a small island country domain name Islands, now it is not just an island domain, and is known as "Commercial Company" (business), "Chinese Company" (China company), "Chinese Commercial" (Chinese commercial), "Chinese Community" (Chinese Chamber of commerce etc.). The domain name ".CC" meaning is numerous and easy to remember, not by the national boundary constraints, more and more attention and protection of enterprises in china.

Sohu in the recent acquisition of the "mission" to fight a single domain tuan.cc; virtual operators share communication, customer service, domain name enabled 10039.cc; Alibaba by arbitration to win back a number of.Cc domain names, including taobao.cc (Taobao), alimama.cc (MOM); four healthy mall official domain name 4.cc, is from the sale of CEO wear jump acquired income; 360 Education Group acquired the domain name en.cc, as a new domain the study in 360; in addition, the news network (jinxun.cc), the network (guomai.cc) also have enabled.CC domain name site.


.CC domain name for mining is rich in resources, 2 letters only repeat it all is the domain name suffix, which is convenient for people to recognize and remember, Internet users has been widely recognized and accepted, there are investors in two days to register more than and 300 5 digital.CC domain, including 52688.cc, 53588.cc, 50111.cc, 53777.cc 15288, etc. the domain name.

in the domain name market, many investors have been eyeing the.CC domain name, 2.cc, 9.cc, digital 58.cc, 99.cc, 678.cc, 888.cc, yx.cc 2 letters (game), lt.cc (China Unicom), cy.cc (Chang You), chui.cc, sheng.cc, huangjin.cc Pinyin (Huang Jin), English word job.cc (work) etc. in circulation of the.CC domain, a huge commercial potential.

investor Zhou Feng believes that the.CC domain name short, easy to remember, good.

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