How enterprises can get out of the misunderstanding of Web2.0

I received a message from the mailbox, the title is: in 2008, 93% of the site has increased Web2.0 function. This information points out that half of the companies plan to increase the Web2.0 functionality for the site within the next 6 months, to enhance the user experience of the site. 93% of companies plan to do the same in the coming year.

Why is

so concerned about this is because there are more and more enterprises in the development of the community and the site to increase the Web2.0 function, and their practice has not attracted the attention of users. They are like a swarm of bees to take similar measures. Enterprises in the development of community content, not from a long-term perspective, to provide users with real interest.

even the news headline I received was a bit exaggerated. Information cited by the Web2.0 features include the exchange, 360 degree browsing, personalized information in order to note the scroll browsing, etc.. Therefore, this information is meaningless to Web 2, a friend of mine called this Web 2.0ver.

other figures also show that the industry is undergoing tremendous changes, people are talking about different ways Web 2.0. for me, these phenomena can be summarized as "participation". Technically, the essence is the same. But in the middle of the user, all this is a great change in the past two years, dramatic changes have taken place.

what does this mean? I have a consultation with community media expert Ryan Turner. He talked about the idea of this phenomenon, analysis of the risks faced by enterprises blind initiatives.

he pointed out: the real risk facing companies is to participate in the site to participate in the mode of communication, rational mode transformation. In this model, the network is a real business channel. This transformation has a huge impact on the enterprise, it requires us to re-examine the website channel strategy, planning and management. It needs new technology."

at the same time, he also talked about the risks faced by enterprises in the process of transformation and the existing problems.

– a tool centric approach. Now, people are keen to use some popular tools to build a community, the development of brand service, launched such as evaluation, browse, comment, wikis, discussions, chat, RSS, SMS, IM, blogs, podcasts, 28, Witkey, video blog. None of these things are real communities. Community sites are made up of interconnected users who develop and share products and services. Developers must be aware of these services from a strategic perspective, rather than simply through technical solutions.

– can’t plan ongoing activities. The vast majority of people will not take into account the ongoing activities, or the user’s current needs.

– to finish the task. Enterprises need to ask themselves, whether they have done all the customer response, whether there is a future. Whether or not

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