Talking about how to do network marketing

of the national industrial and commercial registration 10 million 300 thousand enterprises (excluding 31 million 300 thousand individual industrial and commercial households), according to the current SME division standard estimates, small and medium-sized enterprises reached 10 million 231 thousand, more than 99% of the total number of enterprises. Network marketing is more and more small and medium-sized enterprises, in October 27, 2011, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released a survey of small and medium-sized enterprises "China Internet application status report in Beijing (the first half of 2011)" and "China SME network marketing survey report (the first half of 2011)", according to the two report shows that more than 80% the SMEs surveyed use the Internet Office, nearly half of the respondents in small and medium-sized enterprises with independent website or shop, nearly 30% of the respondents of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Internet for advertising and marketing investment.

such a large enterprise groups, will roll up the tempestuous waves on the internet. Network marketing is a long-term process, the so-called market, in fact, is on the Internet, he is a virtual and real things. The virtual is because he put aside the traditional marketing and offline communication way, real, is because he is playing hard, to long-term survival, even hypocritical. So, today I have time to talk about my personal view of how small and medium-sized enterprises to do a reasonable and effective marketing. Author: Zhao Chun

1, build a website or borrow the website

to develop the network marketing on the Internet, must have their own position, this position is the site, you can build your own, you can also spend money to buy anything, of course you can borrow. The purpose of building the site is to have a place in the Internet, through the site will be fully displayed in front of your business information users or customers, through the communication generated transactions, and thus generate profits for the enterprise. In general, the enterprise website needs to include several main parts, including: introduction, product, news, message, order, communication tools (QQ, online consulting). Of course, there are corporate websites there are cases, culture, alliances, cooperation, regional and so on. Site is to facilitate the user to find information, looking for products, through the station optimization, buy products. Therefore, in the station, it should be a good plan to show the site’s columns.

2, product packaging, display

has a website, followed by the product. I have seen many of the web site, just casually take a picture, put it on the website. In fact, this is extremely irresponsible approach. A good product presentation, including a clear or even enlarged or 360 degree panoramic display results presented to your customers. Secondly, it is necessary to have a detailed product description, in addition, the need for similar products (price, performance, a little disadvantage, etc.). Of course, if you want to be perfect, comments, the number of transactions, promotions, etc.. PS: why do you want to separate the product, because the product is the core of enterprise survival, product display >

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