Taobao 1212 online and offline under the force of millions of pairs of boots sold for 1 hours

December 12th, each consumer online and offline scene looking for their own way of life.

Just over first minutes

zero "Lin Chiling date right" in the Taobao auction platform from thousand yuan was soared to million yuan. Within first hours, I chop hand family into bought 1 million pairs of boots, 600 thousand scarves, 140 thousand cans of milk powder, 300 thousand flowers, 100 thousand pair of pads……

this day, a total of more than 2 lines under the store to participate in the activities of the double 12, covering restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries and other living scenes.

starts at 7 in the morning, and the convenience stores in big cities are crowded with people. Only 85 C alone sold more than 400 thousand bread, energy-saving sold more than 400 thousand bottles of milk.

to 8, Taobao 1212 in the activities of consumers in many large supermarkets also lined up, waiting for 8 points to start using Alipay wallet payment. As of 9 points, double the number of pen payments under the activities of more than 800 thousand pen, to the noon of 12, the number of pens to pay more than 2 million 200 thousand pen.

today, we expect Taobao to give consumers a richer life experience." Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng said that Taobao has gone through 11 years, the beginning of Taobao is only a small part of the people’s lifestyle, to today, Taobao has become a part of many people’s lives.

since 2011 1212, Taobao increasingly demonstrated its "universal" side, the 27 city domestic aunt come free provide 1 million hours of housekeeping services, national free home washing 50 thousand, more than 2 thousand independent designer brands and more than 4 thousand world-class companies appeared at the same time, to meet consumer demand for high quality of life. The specialty of 1000 villages on the small venue, can let the homesick have a sinseong hoe chowhound whenever and wherever possible.

with the popularity of large screen mobile terminals, tens of thousands of ways of life are more likely to be retrieved during the Taobao 1212 and hit, reflecting the value of the advantages of Taobao platform services. – the first fifteenth minutes, there are 1400 pen online courses were robbed, the average price of 600 pieces of accounting training sold 100 thousand yuan, 40 minutes, online laundry has 2375 pen payment orders; 1 hours, cleaning, washing, cleaning teeth and other life service was bought more than 10 thousand copies, wash coupons were 10 thousand seconds to go.

in addition to standardized services and products, Taobao loyal fans are also constantly meet the needs of personality.

During the period of

in December 1st to 11, over 100 thousand people online learning Lan Xiang launched with high skill egg skin peeling machine without destroying the egg membrane, and 700 thousand times to watch the "one minute to teach you to become a master kiss" video. In addition, 60 tons of gujinggong, in December 2nd a day by netizens booked.

two previously with the addition of 930 square meters

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