BAT nternet open space, the U.S. group, the public comment who can win

"the Internet can be broken down into" people, goods, information and services "four elements, each element is connected to form a giant opportunity", the U.S. group, the public comment who in addition to the BAT Internet space "human services" xianbatouchou


saw a statement today, feeling very chewy. Where is the public comment CEO Zhang Tao: "the Internet can be broken down into" people, goods, information and services "four elements, each element connection point of opportunity giants, including Baidu connect people and information, connecting people and goods Ali, Tencent to connect people and people……" CEO gives this kind of understanding is of course to homeopathy leads own relations public comment by connecting people and service hopes to become the "fourth forces" or "fourth platform", if we put this sentence together is "each can be connected to out of the characteristics of the market can keep alive a giant, now there is only this piece ‘open space’ and service", it is also present in the market vacancy "people and services more easily build luxury, people and goods, information, people are gathered sufficient and foundation is very real tycoon, everywhere is the site to build new house or buy land? The ownership (others may not sell) or their cooperation into another, then there is only a re construction site.

look at the momentum and ability, the U.S. mission network and the public comment seems to have more right to speak. Man and the service of this land, can be regarded as a rich or to buy the industry, in addition to thousands of regiments after the rest of the king is also a public comment and the United States mission. They are fully involved in catering, hotel, leisure and entertainment, tourism and other service industries, while American corporations and public comment rivals or Ctrip, where to go and vertical sites, but the development momentum of both sides, the future must be directed at the outside of the BAT block that had not been completely picking "service" space the.

public comment on the Tencent and then seek a complete O2O ecosystem, things are not so simple

public comment on the group purchase industry has been making a slow strong pace, not in the limelight had also survived the death of a large number of out group purchase group purchase period, can be regarded as the transformation to the interests of the awakening, intercepted a large number of users previously in the public comment comment and the U.S. mission to the transaction or other shopping sites ".

in mid February this year, with the shares of Tencent, public comment began to accelerate the realization of its full life service ecosystem O2O". However, a transformation is the primary trading platform for resource group purchase slow response, one is in the electricity industry repeatedly defeated the final choice of the electricity supplier to send to the Jingdong Tencent, can really achieve the occupation of BAT outside of this "human services" the intersection of market business and Tencent before? To Jingdong, is certainly not a public comment on the benefits, flesh and blood and have abandoned the adoption of a piece of the market, of course still has hope, just how to do? OK? Tencent business performance really dare not flatter. For public comment

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