Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi to miss WeChat Zhang Xiaolong soul

Abstract: in the Tencent under the big company system, touched the interests of more than touch the soul of the people more and more, but Zhang Xiaolong can follow the heart. Some of the other departments of the BD needs to find him, Zhang Xiaolong dare to dismiss, but other executives may not be able to follow the heart to do.

Ma Huateng mentioned that the three time big crisis encountered by the Tencent, a ticket with Zhang Xiaolong WeChat Tencent let lucky to get a mobile Internet, WeChat now carries the entire transformation of the Tencent (value-added services, electricity providers and O2O) a big dream.

Zhang Xiaolong, born in December 1969, 1987 to 1994 in Huazhong University of Science and Technology undergraduate read Master, in 1997 he published Foxmail this classic E-mail software, after a number of selling not (including 150 thousand Lei, ignored) in 2000 to 12 million of the price to sell a broad company, 2005 acquisition of Tencent Foxmail, joined the Tencent as Guangzhou R & D Department of general manager Zhang Xiaolong, responsible for the development of QQ mailbox, until 2010 for the project development of WeChat.

Zhang Xiaolong has many hobbies, chess, table tennis, tennis, bowling, computer games are to master level circle. In addition to playing outside, his professional courses are also very good results. "He is the first one of us to learn C language, C language was just born." Zhang Xiaolong’s classmates said Zhang Xiaolong "love with computer, love to sleep." He always went to the dormitory at night outside the pond to catch shrimp.

it is worth mentioning that Zhang Xiaolong had almost home station to Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi camp. The story goes like this:

1998, Lei Jun to the acquisition of Zhang Xiaolong Foxmail, Lei Jun to work in the Guangzhou was still an integrated company telephone Zhang Xiaolong, can be asked to sell the Foxmail Jinshan? Zhang Xiaolong said 150 thousand, Lei Jun also accept the price. Lei Jun is going to invite Zhang Xiaolong to go to Zhuhai to discuss the details of Jinshan originally, but because of their busy Lenovo injection Jinshan thing, and Zhang Xiaolong sent to negotiate the developers felt that such a software, Kingsoft 1-2 months can do it. So, it’s not going to work.

in the same year, Zhou Hongyi (a deputy director of the founder R & D center) was introduced in Guangzhou for the first time to see the little known in the industry is already Zhang Xiaolong, Zhang Xiaolong and other dozens of people in a small office, then Foxmail has 2 million users. When Zhang Xiaolong Zhou Hongyi gave the impression, is an excellent and technical personnel, and the external and inner conservative. Zhou Hongyi said, when Foxmail is no business model, he often criticized Zhang Xiaolong this, said to add advertising to profit. Why does Zhang Xiaolong say so? As long as there are users, there is a good feeling. Every argument is the end of Zhang Xiaolong’s long silence. "How to say, this man, too simple. Such a

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