The central bank to prohibit the third party payment to participate in bitcoin trading players can n


central bank prohibits third party payment to participate in bitcoin trading players can not respond short

[TechWeb] reported on December 17th news, yesterday, the central bank has formally interviewed more than 10 third party payment company responsible person, it may not be explicitly requested to bitcoin, Wright currency (LTC) and other trading sites to provide payment and settlement services.

this is the central bank following the December 5th release of the "notice" on guard against the risk of bitcoin, bitcoin bad policy check again. Bitcoin players said that the last notice of some of the content can also be seen as good news, but this policy is entirely comparable to the development of domestic currency in the fight against. Bitcoin Chinese worrying in the future development of the situation, they will choose different levels of "escape", or transferred to overseas trading platform bitcoin transactions.

it is understood that the interview meeting by the central bank payment and settlement department deputy director Zhou Jinhuang presided over, clearly require banks, Payment institutions are not allowed to bitcoin, Wright currency and other trading sites to provide payment and settlement services; institutional business for payment has occurred, should be lifted for business cooperation; stock payments, withdrawals can be completed before the Spring Festival. The new payment services shall not occur. Affected by this policy, bitcoin currency in the morning has dropped to 3800 yuan up and down.

from yesterday, the news began to spread among bitcoin players, was caused by some players think there is a banker to release bad news manipulation bitcoin market. And in the last night, the news was confirmed in the size of the players set off a panic. Chinese largest bitcoin game player Li Xiaolai said, "in a statement before the five ministries, there are" senior advisers "to, as long as it does not allow financial institutions to provide services for the trading platform can, so as to cut off the lifeline of bitcoin." But at the same time, Li Xiaolai said that although he was not so concerned about the so-called "countermeasures", but also understand the impact it will have.


in the central bank interviews of each Payment institutions, each company will strictly implement the central bank made a request statement. One of the world’s most active trading sites bitcoin and bitcoin, Wright currency trading site OKCOIN has also been replaced by the third party payment institutions to pay the other third party payment company. But now the trading site could only use caifutong and three party payment by cash, unable to recharge and payment.

is the largest bitcoin circle game player, Li Xiaolai is also on the central bank interviewed expressed their own views, he believes that the central banks around the world are certainly not love bitcoin, it threatens the mandatory use of legal tender status of central bank. So the central bank will use its own force and influence to kill them, though not necessarily success. "The future of a period of time, the root causes of bitcoin price volatility, must come from china." Lee smiled.

for most bitcoin speculative players, their general view is that bitcoin in such a profit

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