How do make the site profitable in a short time

      network unreal, also empty, but I don’t confused.


      modern people are living to make the emotion is depressed, after 80 generation I am no exception..

      school, work is not ideal, I will come back at night while working, do some time ago. Unemployed. So I want to start your own business, I have too much money, so I chose the


      I earned the first money from the network, so I hope now seems to be pinned on the virtual world.

      I spent two months investigation, investigation of what he wants to do, then I chose to sell space. I’m not blind at an agent, I want to find a space that is better, the price is cheap. Because I can say that they are relatively low income owners I know most of the webmaster mood, from another perspective, can buy a good space, money, is to buy or rent a server, the server. Through the preparation and consideration of two months, it is two months, I really do not know the situation and space quality consulting agency number IDC. So I set up a space  . A small website into a lot of effort.

      although the space bar set up soon, but recently a good reputation, has 20 friends add my QQ every day, are consulting space of things, but not that they’ll buy, some say there is a need to buy. They are their friends. So every day I can sell 5 space around it. Here I would like to thank the knife, thanks to small Diao, thanks to blue, thanks to all my friends.

      now I often soak in behind ah, stationmaster net Admin5 forum ah, Chinaz ah. Know some webmaster friends. But the premise is that you have to treat each other sincerely, only respect each other have a pleasant exchange. If friends want to know can also add my QQ. 77213202, sometimes busy, in QQ can not timely answer you, please forgive me ah:


      I use the space of inexpensive and reputation propaganda, the achievements of today’s space it.

      sometimes I think, do stand like a man, I’m learning to do the standing of the technology, but also learn the skills of life.

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