SEO lecture a gift for SEO beginners


for SEO beginners lesson

      big brother said let me do a lecture on the SEO Admin5 to tell you the truth, I have no confidence, because for SEO, I may know only some superficial, perhaps because the girls do SEO less because of it, so the big brother will find me, otherwise I can not find in the multitude of strong SEO circles I hedeheneng to tell you SEO knowledge.

      SEO I study late, really started later, this time last year I don’t even know what is SEO, then a chance to let me know the Internet sector of the rapid rise of the new product, so he quit at home and work can be learned for a long time but found no results, the site is still K, the best result is second pages in Baidu, until I met SEO station Qiushi, will be improved, after the SEO station system repair, construction work of the grassroots network’s let me learn a lot of things, so today, I dare to accept the big brother Admin5 and invited to do the lecture.

      a lecture is and we can discuss now if I speak, may I speak some basic or you can find online tutorials, almost all SEO things are the same, the only difference is that each operation mode and the optimization of master, master high where? I personally feel that he is still a particular aspect of the views and the degree of optimization.

      in my blog group, there are a lot of SEO lovers, every time I on-line, there will be a lot of friends asked me: how to optimize my site? Sometimes because I am too busy I will ignore this problem, I really do not have a shelf, I am just a new person, how to have a shelf? I hope that the main SEO enthusiasts can develop a habit, is to study some of the basic knowledge of SEO, and then do their own experiments. I began to learn SEO to now, the station is K I can not remember how much, anyway, the worst of the times

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