Domain name selection those who pay attention to the health of the domain name

with the improvement of living standards, more and more people began to pay attention to health, in recent years the domain name industry also began to pay attention to "health", the rise of a batch of health health domain, domain name to emerge in the two markets at home and abroad, the foreign trade field health domain continue to sell a premium, while the domestic health domain very popular.

million worth of foreign Wellness health domain name


health domain on overseas platform debut sales, to end at $210000, about RMB 1 million 360 thousand high hands German company, the German company bought domain name is to upgrade the.De health platform, so far, the domain name business application development, and a healthy image application domain, the domain name was registered in 1997, so far has 14 years of history register.

HealthCare health domain at home and abroad take


health and health become a pursuit of quality of life at home and abroad, the major health websites set up in the health domain and domain name recently popular network, health care domain trading at $50000, about 320 thousand yuan, the domain name registration in February 1995. Coincidentally, the domestic online health happens to have a combination of HealthCare domain, Chinese health care network official website domain name system, the domain name only more than a "China", is China health net acquisition of

domain name?

domestic health care network can also be seen on the digital domain name


digital domain has been domestic domain enthusiasts and enterprise platform selection object, in the field of health in the digital domain, certainly not absent! 39 healthy Chinese domain name, the domain name registered in 1997, 14 years has been to renew the registration time, 2017, simple and easy to remember the domain name, set a good brand in the health website, many domestic websites pay attention to health.

abbreviation domain name has become a national health network selection object


domain name to letter form reflected in the character, more concise, the current domestic health platform also favor this kind of object, such as China health care association platform domain name, CHC is China>

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