One week news review Ali PO or deadlocked face book teamed Microsoft challenge Google

1, IPO or Alibaba has stalled the new CEO difficult to settle the internal forces

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actor career in acting but not with the audience reach the acme of perfection, play together. The highly anticipated Alibaba, within a week after restructuring, Ma Yun retired, rumor, the resignation of Ma Yun, the impact of IPO, then the rumor of a series of ups and downs of the story, successfully put a large number of people into the situation, make comments and many reports have been written and did not finish the void. Rather than being led by the nose, it’s better to think about it. What happened to Alibaba?

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2, 12306 rush tickets plug-in flow crushes GitHub server

recently, the world’s leading social programming and code hosting site GitHub today suddenly suffered a suspected attack by DDOS, the website administrator query, found from 12306 of the votes to grab a flood of plug-in user access leads to GitHub problems. The comprehensive analysis, because of the use of 12306 tickets will go to the plug-in, GitHub update information, because the Spring Festival rush ticket fierce, resulting in GitHub cannot access short.

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3, the industry hot Facebook social search tool: amazing future profit space

Facebook did not launch free mobile phone brand smart in the legend, it is replaced by the social search tool Graph Search, the mysterious conference after high-profile, somewhat disappointed. In this regard, Wall Street responded immediately, Facebook stocks suffered selling, a decline of 1.54%. In addition to Facebook’s share price shocks, the industry is how to look at Graph Search such a search tool


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