Communication with an information site manager

      yesterday with a message to do the site of the president of the exchange, a bit of ideas to write here to share with you.

      information consultation website you will see more, but I believe we should see the predetermined site information is not enough. They the site has eight types of information, eat, drink, play, live, row, purchase integrated services, comprehensive information. With the classification of information is not the same that is not a big difference with his classification information website provides telephone booking service.

      call center costs are high, generally about one million of the device inputs. In addition, there is no need to classify the call center, with a call center may not be able to provide a good service. The site has just run for a month, is now ranked about 500000, traffic in about 500, the money has been invested in a lot of advertising, in the elevator newspapers are doing. Next to do.

      I’m not very familiar with this mister, I’ve never seen it before, but we used to run the site with them now. I communicate with their people in the mail, they invited me to meet and exchange.

      I think in our city, a website that is a period of market development, should not be used in the early line advertising mad push, I don’t know what the website is playing out such advertising (who knows please tell me, thank you).

      should be careful on the site work, the sites of various types of functions, perfect information, slowly to meet the consumers really want, not what we think consumers need this thing. (many website manager are like this, not what the investigation and analysis, do a thing that is the best, is the needs of the consumers, in fact, a lot of the time you offer something to the consumer, do not you think so much value, this is the cause of the failure of the website is a very important and universal the problem).

      the boss of this website told me that they don’t know where to make money now, and don’t want to make money. He believes that the development of the site to a certain extent, can make money. This logic is right, but what is the key to the development of a certain extent? He didn’t say. I don’t think he can say it.

      in fact, many failed websites with this website about what the boss does not study on website, difference in website operation with the traditional industry is not clear, with the operation of traditional industries to operate the site. There is no money to invest in private enterprises and individuals really a lot, but the real final start >

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