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Ceng Liqing, Chen Yidan, and, why did they leave Tencent?

March 19, 2014, one of the 5 Tencent co-founder Zhang Zhidong officially announced his resignation and announced that it would no longer serve as executive director, and former chief technology officer in 6 months, the company turned to lifelong Honorary Advisor, honorary president of Tencent, and appeared as a full-time lecturer.


(Tencent five founders from left to right: CAO Chen Yidan, CIO CEO Ma Huateng, Xu CHEN Ye, CTO Zhang Zhidong, COO Ceng Liqing)

with the departure of Zhang Zhidong, the 5 founders of the Tencent (5 tiger) in three have left the Tencent has announced that, why did they leave, they now and in the future will do what


publicity once Li Qing: Liu Chiping, he back!

is the first to leave the investment is now focused on Zeng Li qing. 2007, Li Qing resigned from the post of Tencent COO, became a lifelong honorary advisor". If we notice the time node we left, we can actually find some of the reasons why we left. He left in 2007, and Liu Chiping was appointed president in 2006. Before leaving the role of chief operating officer, while Liu’s role is responsible for the daily management and operation of Tencent Inc. Had left the node a little Liu on his retreat means. This is not groundless speculation, publicity may have been detrimental to the establishment of the authority and the management of the company.

According to Lin Jun

boiling fifteen years, according to the description of several Tencent employees, Li Qing was the founder of the 5 Tencent is the most fun, most open, the most passionate and inspiring a.

in 2000 from the University of Hunan, a department of computer science to enter the Tencent Li Hua is the first foreign students to recruit foreign students Tencent, internal number 18. He first came to the Tencent saw Ma Huateng, in his opinion, be startled at, he wants the company into the boss is more like one of his students, he was even considered, another founder Ceng Liqing of the Tencent is the boss, of course, this is Li Hua’s first impression and has, the real situation is Ma Huateng Zhang Zhidong and Ceng Liqing are the boss, Ma Huateng is the biggest boss.

in appearance, Zeng Liqing is indeed more like Ma Huateng boss, two sub difference without himself, but Li Qing had to be rich than Ma Huateng, dressed also significantly more in some business, language expression and interpersonal communication are much better. Therefore, every time two people go out of business cooperation, Li Qing had always been mistaken is the big boss, and the appearance of handsome, give people the impression of male college students often think that Ma Huateng is the company secretary or assistant role.

was also a market operation and go getters, he was the Tencent to open up the market is awesome, Tencent can eventually listed core factors.

Ma Huateng and Zhang

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