Albert Court network promotion point and face relationship

in August this year, Ji Xinzhi Baidu SEO, found a problem of "network promotion and SEO" are closely related, had no intention of joining the SEO industry, learn SEO in the study of Fu to send only the teacher, but always hitting the wall in the website optimization process. Because of the fierce competition in the word I can not be on the home page, their own words and no flow, and what is the flow of the long tail of the key words, this is a cumulative flow of words. Ji Xinzhi has been to SEO this way to promote it too heavy thought SEO is the network promotion, in a couple of times after their deliberate think that network marketing can bring the target group more than SEO and network promotion, between the point and the plane.

called "dot" it is parasitic on the search engine, it can not do much without the search engine. It takes into account the structure of the site, the key words in the layout of the page, the anchor text inside and outside links, roboot shield and crawl, the 404 page of the error page, the setting of the redirection of the 301 aspects. The key idea is to facilitate the search engine, quickly grab the contents of web pages through the Internet users in the search engine search free show flow, optimal time is too long the disadvantage of this is SEO, never leave SEO, once there is no search engine and it has not any sense of existence.

so-called "face" it comes from the information needs of Internet users and can quickly get more information about the needs of users and the event process. Network promotion has soft Wen promotion, mail promotion, instant chat tool promotion, blog promotion, it is aimed at the target user groups and local marketing activities. Network promotion planning focus on the user experience, can provide the user’s demand information can also be specified to search which word or directly through the site to your site, and a short time to create high traffic. So far domestic enterprises can not know SEO but they are willing to send money to do network promotion.

network marketing, there can be no point but can not do without the surface but can not be a lack of points, because the point can make users quickly find your site. The SEO and web sites to promote the integration of the site, a large area of the network to attract target groups.

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