Where after 518 Kangmei medical electricity supplier’s territory will be extended

the electronic commerce king Ma Yun became the richest man China, once predicted: one of the world’s richest man will appear in the health industry, combined with the health industry and electronic commerce to be optimistic about the economic "hurricane" should not be overlooked. What is the pharmaceutical companies to take the crown, must bear the weight of the warriors, these companies will play what moves and come out on top, which is one of the most popular topics. Dare to try to eat crab health beauty may be able to bring forward the way forward for the medical electricity supplier.

self built platform, a new trend in the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier

B2C is currently the mainstream mode of pharmaceutical electricity supplier. From the point of view, divided into third party platform and official website. Before 2013, the third party platform of pharmaceutical business to Tmall, Jingdong, shop No. 1 is the most representative, Tmall currently has more than and 160 chain pharmacies, nearly 40 well-known pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment brands stationed in view of this, Tmall accounted for nearly half of the overall pharmaceutical electricity market. In order to Kangmei pharmaceutical in Tmall’s official flagship store as an example, since 2013 has built long-term home "hot shops" list forefront, Kang beauty ginseng ginseng tonic high become one of single product search. Although in the Kang beautiful health mall flagship store is doing well, the U.S. pharmaceutical electricity supplier to conservative and radical in the undercurrent, the main health category built in 2013 on the Kang beauty health mall. The first two years Kang beauty mall in the exploratory stage, did not cause industry attention. By constantly adhere to the "love health" for the purpose of service, "Kang beauty health" completed the primitive accumulation of the number of registered users, and Kang beauty health mall in the first quarter of 2016 the gratifying data of total sales last year, a strong counterattack pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry "not fire the first time". Also confirmed the future development of self built platform, is a trend of pharmaceutical electricity supplier.

"518" campaign is not surprising challenges endlessly, "double eleven" status to



Kang beauty electricity supplier to create their own festival 5.18 Kang Mei Health Festival set off a new year’s turnover of the new high, the group’s share price ambitions. This year, 518 is known as the national health of the 518, Kang beauty mall with this battle officially became a regular supplier of pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry. In the import of goods play advantages, Kang beauty health mall will also be its "Bigfoot" step to open up global overseas, overseas purchase, in order to expand the new incremental demand.

under the spotlight "518" new media "to go" exposure rate suddenly increased

Why can this war

Kangmei pharmaceutical pharmaceutical business success is to play? With the Internet thinking, establish the core concept of health in people’s life outlook has not deteriorated, can interpret user demand shopping business enterprise to drainage consumption. 518 Kang Beauty Health Festival uses the most fashionable new media marketing approach to gather fans popularity, which in the pharmaceutical business platform, can be described as a breakthrough.

, for example, by kidnapping boss, $0 free

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