Black five U.S. mobile shopping up to $12 million mark the first break 1 billion

Beijing on November 27th news, according to foreign media reports, local time Adobe data released on Saturday, black Friday, American consumers to buy $1 billion 200 million worth of goods through mobile phone and tablet computer, a mobile terminal shopping days in excess of US $1 billion, the retail history for the first time in the United states.

Adobe said the black Friday total sales grew 21% to $3 billion 340 million, for the first time more than $3 billion mark. Thanksgiving Day and black Friday two days, U.S. electricity supplier sales reached $5 billion 270 million.

electricity supplier giant Amazon mobile terminal sales similar growth. "Thanksgiving is quickly becoming one of the busiest days of mobile end shopping," Amazon said Friday in an email. In fact, the Thanksgiving Day Amazon mobile orders more than last Thanksgiving and the network on Monday and."

online shoppers are growing as more Americans are reluctant to shop. According to BankRate, only 23% of U.S. consumers plan to shop this year after Thanksgiving, compared to just over $28% last year.

Adobe said black Friday’s best-selling five kinds of electronic products, apple iPad, Samsung 4K TV, apple MacBook Air, LG TV and Microsoft Xbox.

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