Ten keywords China review 2015 VCPE market breakdown of those you catch and missed the air

Abstract: a review of the development of the 2015 Chinese equity market, clear research center combing the ten keywords in 2015 China equity market: the government guide fund, public entrepreneurship, innovation, capital of winter, "angel + incubator", to raise public equity, the first year of the new board, the registration system, the reform of state-owned enterprises, private fund supervision private equity funds, insurance.

in 2015, in the face of perplexing international situation and the increase of the downtown pressure on the economy, Chinese GPD growth seven, an increase of 6.9%, economic growth shift from rapid growth in high growth, the economy has entered a new norm. China’s economy, the new normal, the first year, consumer upgrades, financial innovation driven, economic structure optimization, institutional restructuring, demographic changes, etc. become the current hot market.

with the increasingly rich and perfect domestic multi-level capital market, the industry regulatory policy gradually settled and mature, in 2015 the equity investment market in the rapid development of the increasingly standardized. "13th Five-Year" to be a good planning, Internet, medical and other investment; the State Council to speed up the construction of "double" platform, "the four" multi pronged total power; double Park + fund + incubator, build a complete innovation + VC ecology; "industrial structure upgrade to promote innovation Internet plus" strategy; state-owned enterprises to accelerate the reform set off a wave of mergers and acquisitions, to resolve the overcapacity; equity raised platform to establish the legal status, financing to regulate insurance funds; the establishment of private equity fund investment fund management measures gate; the government issued guidance Jinyun, government guide fund size continues to rise; private equity fund industry self-regulation rules intensive release, tighter regulation; all VC/PE agencies have vied for the new listing third, released three new board listed company layered scheme, these are the 2015 equity market remains the main factors of the healthy development of the.

2015, China’s equity market showed rapid growth. Muzi, angel VCPE 2970 institutions were newly raised to invest in China mainland fund, is 3.99 times the 2014 annual number of new fund act, 2253 funds are known to disclose the amount of new capital investment in the mainland Chinese amount to RMB 784 billion 947 million yuan. The number of investment cases and the amount of investment both hit record highs, Chinese private equity market completed a total of 8365 cases of investment, which has disclosed the amount of the investment case number is 7732, investment transactions involving a total amount of 525 billion 496 million yuan, the average single investment amount of 67 million 963 thousand and 800 yuan; 2015 China equity market exit case occurred 3774, is 4.55 times the 2014 annual exit of the total; because the IPO lockout four months, three new board pulled into VC/PE firms to exit the main channel, occupy more than 50% exit case.

in order to better review the development of China’s equity market in 2015, the Qing Branch of the research center of China’s equity market in 2015 to sort out the ten key words:


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