Electricity supplier training imminent big event to provide lessons

the speed of development of the Internet for all to see, people’s ability to accept the frequency of the overload state, digestion difficult. China introduced the Internet only 20 years, every day a new look. It has a profound impact on people’s lives, trying to change the whole concept of human life.

relative to the speed of the development of the Internet, people’s minds can not keep up with the times, because the human brain is not a computer. The computer can be programmed to create the brain to create a new level of knowledge, it is far superior to the accuracy of the analysis of the human brain. It ignores the time of human existence. In the case of the network is not synchronized, it is difficult to make greater progress. At present, we need to solve is to train more high-end talent through professional training, leading the industry to continue to progress.

serious asynchrony often make a lot of Internet users have a false sense: the human brain is gradually replaced by computers. Here I correct: after all, the computer is not any thought, it is a masterpiece of the human brain. Emergence of the phenomenon of the latter can only be explained by the fact that the human brain is slow progress. This is particularly prominent in the product of the Internet, e-commerce. We found that the development of e-commerce is booming, showing a serious shortage of professional talents. Between enterprises and even to fight for talent. Competing for limited resources is not the fundamental solution to the problem. In response to this phenomenon, the state and enterprises to take measures in all parts of the country have started to set up training courses to train a large number of e-commerce professionals to make up for the lack of status quo. This is now popular hot training.

electricity supplier training is a new thing, not the continuation of traditional education in China, there is no fixed teaching materials for students to learn. Traditional education is based on the practice of the elderly summed up the theory for people to learn and practice. However, e-commerce training can only let students act as the elderly, proceed directly from the practical lessons, take the essence and discard the dross. During the development of the business sector, the "big event" has the potential to serve as a written material for training. For example, online shopping, buy, network spawned fever and so on, the most impressive is undoubtedly the recent just concluded 3Q war.

is a classic example. Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China Co., Ltd., said: "I’m going to’QQ next week, as a case, let the company to discuss the 360". We should draw lessons from what? We should adhere to the development direction of what values and how to avoid the company? We’re not going to attack competitors, not to hurt our customers? Competitors attack our attitude and measures by what? Micro-blog friends help us some problems we are going to discuss."

to sum up, I hope that through training can be improved as soon as possible. In addition, at the same time the rapid development of the Internet to guard against potential problems, hoping to provide the experience and lessons from the big event to increase efforts to standardize the network life.

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