AWS and Ali cloud public cloud war who will be the final winner

domestic regulation: "to provide public cloud services in China, all Chinese data must remain in China; all technical services are also expected to be provided by china." That is, foreign cloud service providers want to enter the Chinese market, we must find a license with the ability of domestic partners.

August, Amazon and Sinnet formally signed the "agreement" operation, the aura of the new network by Amazon authorized operators in Beijing region AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud service, the agreement marks the Amazon to determine the AWS operators, the global cloud services, the king entered the market Chinese. Prior to three years, although announced that AWS into China, but because of policy reasons, has not been able to achieve large-scale commercial.


AWS Technology Summit 2016· Beijing

September 7th – 8 day, Amazon’s AWS Technology Summit held in Beijing, two days had engaged in the 15 branch, involving large data, cloud computing, DevOps, machine learning, Internet banking and so on, light speakers have more than 120, so the momentum of hitherto unknown.

two weeks ago, Goldman Sachs released research report, the Alibaba called AWS in the IaaS market, a real competitor". Foreign investors made the above judgment is mainly based on the rapid growth of Ali cloud revenue (the quarter revenue year-on-year growth rate reached 140%), and "globalization layout in a flagrant way". After the full AWS into China, Amazon’s hands can finally penetration to the cloud base in China market.


mapping: Lu Xiaoming


Ali cloud globalization layout

China market has always been a a hotly contested spot. Market research firm SunTrust has released a report that cloud computing in China’s strong revenue growth will continue in the future, it will occupy a higher proportion of 30 billion to $40 billion in the Chinese IT market. IDC also predicted that from 2015 to 2018 China’s public cloud market CAGR will reach 33.2%. Another data show that China’s IaaS market will soar from $600 million in 2015 to $7 billion 800 million in 2018.


is a king of AWS global cloud service to dominate the overseas IaaS market, the other side is the roots of China market 10 years Chinese King Ali cloud cloud services. The so-called king king, the two armies in Chinese market and then there will be a war.

so what is a monk chanting? Or strong pressure but long bow? Winning hand or will appear in the following three aspects.

policy: a hundred miles

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