2016 nternet home improvement forecast the first wave of reshuffle coming, but not a single big

Abstract: the Internet home after extensive growth in 2015, 2016, the industry chain will usher in the integration, optimization and centralized, but there will not be a dominant situation, pattern and layout just emerged.


people have to do a whole life and experience a very poor two things: doctor and decoration. The various criticisms of the traditional home improvement was Tucao, the industry is a matter of sooner or later.

Jiazhuangye "Internet plus incoming

first of all, from the three indicators is the transformation of the Internet to see, entrance value is high, the industry scale big? ARPU value (average revenue per user) high? Users have no worries, poor experience is not bad? Jiezhuang industry within the "characteristics of large, high and poor".

secondly, from online shopping trends, through the standard light service book, non standard light service clothing, standardized service appliances, service standard pan Jiezhuang market the fourth stage of the online shopping is the protagonist, Home Furnishing home O2O will become the last piece of virgin land in the local life class electricity supplier.

addition, coupled with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the value of home improvement is becoming increasingly prominent, who can enter the giant, the industry reshuffle ahead of schedule to complete the layout, a firm foothold, who will have the advantage of backwardness.

and the Internet home is in "Internet plus" background, thinking of using the Internet and Internet tools, there are problems in the renovation, the intermediary (decoration company) to channels (F2C central purchasing and standardization (part), optimization and integration of personalized) decoration industry chain, improve the operation and control efficiency, reduce the cost of products and services, improve the traditional decoration of the user experience, so that the decoration becomes simple, transparent, delicate, more cost-effective


2015 Internet home decoration have done what?

2015 is the first year of Internet home improvement, showing a trend of the whole industry chain cut like a swarm of bees home entrance, business tycoon (Jingdong, Taobao), home appliance giants (Gome, Suning), Home Furnishing channels (jbmm, Meikailong), furniture manufacturers, media, tooling giant, real estate and so on cut hard outfit entrance, played very lively, some people worry about joy.

but the current Internet Jiezhuang low-end products, are basically three values (X99, X88, XXX) + variable, the main entry is following more than 100 thousand single customer market, because the maximum standard product makes the service user groups is relatively small minority, and landing services frequently, with good and bad reputation no, the mass scale, city development is still groping and trial and error, in the early stages of development, can be called "half of the internet".

, but in 2015, the Internet home improvement in the front end of the sale of customers, products and management standardization, to intermediate costs, there is indeed a certain degree of information transformation on the improvement of the efficiency of the home improvement industry >

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