Taobao copywriting knowledge, not all you blame me


to write the basic ideas

1 squares on the

took a piece of paper, a pen to split into 9 public grid. The middle grid and fill in your name, then fill in the other 8 case can help the sales of many possible advantages. This is a simple way to generate creative ideas, I also use this approach to design a project or speech PPT structure.

2 points

catalog extension method

to the catalog of goods on the characteristics of copy, then each point back to be extended. If you are really lazy, selling goods can also copy the catalog, but the text is inhuman, persuade the strength will be slightly worse.

3 three paragraph writing

this is the imitation of journalism "inverted triangle writing". The first section, please briefly concentrate the sales, because most people have the patience to read. Second, please follow the catalog points extension method, explain many features of the goods. What is the point of a long column or the good, to see your writing skill. Poor writing skill on the point of column write can be a selling point. The last paragraph is the hook, the main task is to call people "Buy Now", so the general is to strengthen the commodity USP (Unique Selling Point, a unique selling point), price advantage or gift.

4 to pay attention to online shopping copy of SEO friendly

will not write commodity copy, copy is written for oneself; write commodity copy, copy is specially written for the target object; most people will write commodity copy, copy and write to the target object and the search engine spiders (see Spider). So you appear in the article to complete the name of the goods (including the brand / Chinese / English / correct models), convenient Google, ETAO and other search engine spiders to read, and the emergence of a complete commodity name can be at least 2-3 times.

5 good copy of the goods need to match the excellent picture

is not as good as a convincing copy of the photo. As illustrated that a long and minute statement. The commodity copy is not writing, you can understand it as "electronic catalog" single page to think. The picture below could be considered with a small picture. Journalism research has proved that the picture and the picture under the caption reading rate is far better than the text many times. Also please remember to use small Title highlights, reading better.

6 uses copywriting to induce consumers to buy "


excellent sound entity store sales will use good words to change your goods into the store and budget just in mind when the preset. He’s going to "wash" the customer with high profits and what he wants to sell, not what you want to buy. Do you want to challenge to see, you can also this realm as the goal, control the minds of consumers: to buy accessories, buy

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