The traditional clothing industry and the popular business how to counter attack

2012 electricity supplier industry price war is extremely tragic, but the traditional industry has also been much hit, especially in the clothing industry. In the face of a wave of electricity providers boom hit, becoming the network entity clothing store dressing room, industry profits fell 8% to 10% on the news is can be heard without end.

2012 fire pit business entities, business enterprises and traditional enterprises should be the two ecological systems complement each other, but are now out of the irreconcilable opposed to. And the electricity supplier is almost overwhelming advantage of the traditional garment industry to seek the transformation.

after a round of 2012 electricity supplier tide impact, the biggest theme of the traditional clothing industry in 2013 is probably the transition. Traditional industry business has become an irreversible trend, so the traditional complex industry the biggest problem is not to seek the direction of the transformation, but the transformation and seek survival and profitability after the transformation of the. And Song Congming believes that the transformation of the traditional garment industry electricity supplier can not be separated from the following points: brand, new business model and differentiated road.


brand influence is enormous, whether it is online or offline, the brand is always the first choice for consumers. Once your business or product in the minds of consumers to form a brand impression, then you will have a huge advantage in the market competitiveness.

according to the present pattern of domestic electricity supplier, if the traditional industries want online brand, to go is nothing more than two kinds: one is to do its own brand of B2C business, the two is the brand business cooperation with existing, let their rapid development with its natural flow advantage.

for the former is more suitable for existing large brand enterprises, such as Adidas, Nike, JEANSWEST and so on these large traditional clothing enterprises. First, because these brands have formed a mature market, no longer need to be aware of the brand on the line and distress. But these companies themselves have sufficient financial strength to expand the network sales channels. And can compete with the existing brand electricity supplier.

if your business is a small brand is the most sensible choice to cooperate with the existing brand electricity supplier, which is conducive to the development of enterprises in the early stages of transformation and profitability. The most important thing is not affected by the existing brand electricity supplier extrusion, after all, you do not have the strength to compete with.

new business model

for the traditional garment industry, how to survive after the transition is a difficult problem. At present, the pattern of domestic electricity supplier has gradually become clear, to compete with the enterprise is less and less. If a head-on conflict with its occurrence, so the failure probability will be greatly increased, and may even be unable to get up after a fall. So, may wish to detour, not with its positive conflict but actively seek a new mode of operation.

for small and medium enterprises in terms of independent B2C market is hopeless, if you want to stick to their own brand road, you may wish to try one

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